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"Hands down, Damian Ruse's SEMIPRO of the best sources of training information on the entire internet.

Whatever level you're at, if you're serious about learning everything you need to to perform better mentally and physically as a cyclist.

Thanks for putting this out, Damian."

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SEMIPRO+ is our membership program which brings you actionable cycling science insights. There are also many additional benefits to being a member.​

Almost everything in life can be learned faster.

Cycling is no different.

But we are at the point of information overload. With so much information it takes time to find helpful advice.

You spend a lot of wasted time reading or listening to cycling shows that have useless filler. You are often frustrated with the lack of real insights. Or confused about how to use the information to ride better.

There is no need to struggle through dry science papers, hunt through forums or sit through long-winded podcasts.

The SEMIPRO+ membership curates cutting-edge cycling science research and turns it into actionable advice.

I spend hours every week reading, researching and synthesising the latest sports science research, and sourcing evidence and case studies to support findings.

For example, the monthly Cycling Science Digest has one-page summaries of cutting-edge research. Each research review is crafted into one easy to read page.​ It only takes 2 minutes to dissect and read, freeing up plenty of time for you to use on actually implement the advice. Yet in each review, I include external links to the abstract and also extra resources such as videos, articles and podcasts.

This way I can support athletes, coaches and professionals who wish to save time and ensure their guidance and training up to date and based on credible science.


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Delivered direct to your email every month, the Cycling Science Digest teaches you about the very latest training techniques and emerging technologies, and how to use them for optimal results.

Your questions answered

You get the opportunity to send in questions for Q&A episodes. Members also get access to recordings of all previous episodes.

Science article database

Get access to our continually updated database of cycling-related studies, filter by article type, cycling specific topic, population demographics and more.


The Performance Bundle

Also, get all the performance guides covering the essential aspects to cycling performance. Stay on the cutting-edge of relevant sports science research with these practical protocols.

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With SEMIPRO Personalised, you’ll get access to summaries of past and current studies, updated monthly with the latest research that matters to you and your athletes.

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Bonus: Becoming an SEMIPRO Personalised member also gives you full access SEMIPRO+


What is SEMIPRO+

SEMIPRO+ makes it easy for you to stay on top of important research. If you’re a cycling coach, athlete, or performance nerd wishing to dig into the nitty-gritty of cycling science. We analyse some of the most important and interesting of the recent studies. We put them in context and explain their main takeaways, so you can determine how they may affect your athletes (or your own performance).

What do I get as a member?

As a SEMIPRO+ member you are staying on top of the most important latest research. Each month we filter out the best new studies, and deep dive with analysis, interviews, topic reviews, and more to help you understand and apply that research so you make smarter coaching decisions.

+    Members-only podcast feed (exclusive content and first access)
+    Members Q&A episodes
+    Monthly cycling science digest
+    Cycling science article database (coming soon)
+    Access to all 3 Performance Guides

Who is SEMIPRO+ for?

Cycling and triathlon coaches, cycling professionals, performance nerds, and fitness fanatics — active minds eager to understand the latest research in order to improve the health and performance of their athletes, clients, and selves.

Who handles the billing?

While SEMIPRO is a secure site, we don’t handle your payment information. Our memberships are managed by Memberful. Credit cards are processed by Stripe, and neither SEMIPRO nor Memberful ever holds or sees any of your payment information.

What I find that SEMIPRO+ isn't for me?

No problem. While we’d hate to see you go, you’re welcome to cancel at any time. You can either cancel from within your account whilst logged in, or alternatively you can email us and we’ll take care of it for you.

What happens after I sign up online?

After making payment you will be forwarded to a member page where you can connect the members-only podcast to your podcast player of choice and download the performance guides. And we're away!