Chase goals with a community this winter

Join the SEMIPRO team for a 16-week community coaching program, where you'll train and ride with other riders; master your nutrition; and build on-the-bike strength.

Virtual Cycling Coaching For All Athletes

SEMIPRO's cycling training community coaching approach engages our members in a blend of learning, motivation, and unique training challenges to make base training fun and motivating. Whether you ride indoors or outdoors, road, gravel or mountain bike, why train alone when you can train together?

Our foundation program starts November 27, 2023.

A complete system

The program takes a 'whole athlete' approach and combines the most important aspects of endurance performance into a single program. The program's pillars are training, nutrition, and strength.

16-weeks of training

Coach Damian Ruse designed your cycling training program, customised to your event focus, training history, needs, and schedule. Nutrition and strength training are built in to maximise your results.

Unlimited Support

The program is designed, implemented, and coached by professional and world-class coach Damian Ruse. Get all the email support coaching on-demand you need and weekly checkins to focus on what matters.

Targeted, Structured, and Flexible

The program gives you a personalised training plan and structured workouts targeted at your ability and current fitness level.

Winter training alone on the trainer sucks

Fed up with solo training? Join Your Tribe and Train Together! Become part of our vibrant cycling community, where you'll train alongside professional coaches and athletes. Engage in exciting challenges, expand your knowledge, and conquer your goals as a team.

A program that delivers results

Dropped 4:17 on Favourite KOM (17% Faster!)

"Just returned from a most awesome and fast Beach Rd ride today!! Totally smashed my Sandy to Mordy normal segment! Fast bunch and I didn’t get dropped - woohoo!"

Jessica Eden

Recreational Road Cyclist

Solid 18% increase in threshold

"My primary reason to join was to work through plateau's I had hit. 

Like most people life always gets in the way, and Damian consistently did his utmost to adapt the training based on my current state. 

Always providing information and specific details about prescribed sessions really adds context and gave me faith knowing I was making the most of my training time."

Nic Stuber

Recreational Road and MTB Cyclist

Lost 3kg in 3 weeks

“The best part was, it wasn't a traumatic experience, like weight-loss normally is.”

Sam Hill

Zwift Academy Finalist 2021 and Amateur Cyclist

An 8.8% gain!

“Damian's wealth of technical knowledge, patience, and people skills provided a clear pathway to large performance gains on the bike.

New, challenging and individually tailored sessions kept training difficult, yet rewarding and consistently mentally stimulating."  

Marcus Cuely

Ex-professional Cyclist

Damian by my side, supporting and cheering

"I have learned a lot about how I can work toward my goal of becoming a better cyclist and have much better confidence in my training.

I can highly recommend him to anyone, young or old, who wants to take his or her cycling to a new level."

Lars Hugo Braadland

Recreational MTB Cyclist

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What do you need to join?

A Bike

Yes this is obvious but a working bike is the needed for the program but it doesn't matter what type of bike it is.

Power Meter
or Smart trainer

Power is an important metric to measure progress. This can be on the bike or integrated into a smart trainer.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate is often forgotten these days but plays an important part in measuring your intensity.

What’s included?


Get step-by-step guides and clear and concise explanations of every part of the program

training plan

Designed by Professional
Coach Damian Ruse

Unlimited email support

We don't limited communication because its essential to understand your needs, and work together to achieve your goals


Nutrition is an important part of the program and it built in to help perform at your best and maximise your results on + off the bike

TrainingPeaks account

Get a TrainingPeaks account so you can get clear feedback and guidance on your training sessions

Clear success roadmap

To ensure that your training is focused, effective, and efficient after the program we provide a guide to our process

SEMIPRO Foundation: November 27, 2023, through March 17, 2024

Join the SEMIPRO team for a 16-week community coaching program, where you'll train and ride with other riders; master your nutrition; and build on-the-bike strength.

Reserve Your Spot
$25 USD
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Deposit reserves a spot in our 2023-2024 Foundation program
Fully refundable through November 1, 2023
Foundation starts November 27, 2023, and runs for 16 weeks
Includes training, nutrition, and strength programs
Enjoy a motivating online community and group training
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Lock in early bird pricing
$499 USD
November 27, 2023, through March 17, 2024
Lock in your early-bird pricing of only $499
One-time fee; no subscriptions or additional charges
Training designed by Professional coach Damian Ruse
Includes nutrition program to maximise your results
Includes guided strength training specific to cyclists
Train online with your coaches in numerous group workouts
Ongoing interaction with coaches via video chat and Facebook group
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What happens after joining?

After reserving your spot or joining the Foundation Program you will be contacted and asked to fill in an onboarding form so we have all of your goals, event focus, training history, needs, and schedule.


What is included in the program?

The program is a 16-week cycling training and nutrition program focused on lifting the level of your cycling and setting the fitness foundations for a big 2024. You get extensive testing, a training plan, and email support.

How many hours a week is training?

The program is matched to your availability with extras when you have spare time. You will receive a fitness survey asking you about your training history and availability.

How can I complete my workouts?  Indoor?  Outdoor?

All workouts are written and loaded in “Structured” format so you can complete them outdoors using your Garmin or other head unit, or you can complete them indoors on popular programs like Zwift.

How do I get coaching in the program?

We use email so we can rapidly answer your questions and have one-on-one dialogue surrounding coaching advice and methods.

Are there education programs?

Our ongoing program is always educational. Damian teaches, not just coaches. Our entire program is based on “teaching you to be a better athlete”, meaning we improve you physically and mentally, but also improve your knowledge through education.

Other Questions

Is the program right for me?

We believe this program can be a valuable and valid tool for most cyclists of any level. We often compare the program to pre-made training plans and one-on-one coaching, and each option has its own benefits.

What does the program include?

A 16-week customised training plan built to fit your available weekly training hours and a full nutritional program with both training and event guidance.  Plus "top level" education and support.

Is there a monthly charge?

There are no monthly charges in the first 16-weeks. It's a one-off price. You can stop at any time and you will always have access to the training and assessment tools for life!

Do the workouts have to be done indoors?

No. The workouts can be done both indoors and outdoors. The workouts are built in TrainingPeaks' structured format, which means that when you do them indoors, they can be loaded directly to Zwift, TrainerRoad, other online programs, or your trainer. To do them outdoors, simply follow the workout outline as you would any other workout. If you're not sure how to load workouts to third-party apps, just email; we'll help with any technical support you need.

I've never used Zwift, virtual training, or a smart trainer. Do I need to have everything set up before I join?

We are not just experts in training, but also in the online programs and indoor trainers involved in the program. The program is designed to walk you through the set up in a simple manner.

Do I need a TrainingPeaks account?

Yes, and it's free! Sign up for a TrainingPeaks basic account here. During your time in the program you will be upgraded to Premium.

Can I link my TrainingPeaks workouts to Zwift?

Yes! You can link your TrainingPeaks and Zwift accounts so that each day's workout is loaded automatically. We will also have group workouts on Zwift.

Do I have to use Zwift?

No. The workouts can be done on any trainer, bike, or system, as well as outdoors. The workouts are built in TrainingPeaks' structured format and can be loaded directly to any third-party app connected to TrainingPeaks.

Is the training plan focused on a specific event?

The program focuses on building your foundational fitness for the next year. This can mean you use it to prepare for success in any event. This program is designed to build and maximise your cycling performance.

Can I alter or change my training plan?

Yes! We can change plans for a fee.

I only have 6-8 hours a week to train. Can I do the program?

Of course! And if you need some help, we're available to answer questions on email to help you establish the perfect training program for your needs.

Nutrition Questions

Is the nutrition program all about weight loss?

No. Our nutrition program is geared to help everyone improve and optimise their daily nutrition and fueling for training. It will help you determine your personal energy and macro needs based on your body composition goals (fat loss, weight/lean mass gain, or weight maintenance) within the overall context of optimising your training, recovery, and performance.

Will a nutrition program really help my training?

Absolutely. In fact, there is probably no greater way to enhance adaptation to exercise strain than fueling your body correctly.

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