Hi. We're SEMIPRO!

Imagine having the best information possible to achieve your cycling goals.

Get the right advice at the right time and be fit for road racing, century rides, gravel grinders, cyclocross, Gran Fondos, bikepacking, touring and mountain bike events.

We'll help you do this with our online cycling coaching and scientific analysis backed by the latest science.

We coach cyclists at every level that are across the globe. They share one thing in common - they want to maximise the their cycling time. That is why we have slowly focussed our efforts on maximising performance with the right information at the right time.

About Coach Damian Ruse

SEMIPRO was founded by elite cycling coach Damian Ruse.

You’ll find that his approach to cycling coaching and training is built on communication. He developed it over the past eight years, and it has helped his athletes build high-performance fitness and skills.

He uses the perfect blend of communication and data driven analysis (WKO5 performance modelling, academic research, and personal case studies) to build high-performance fitness.

Damian has been riding and racing bikes for over 28 years, and coaching cyclists for over 8 years. He has even been the Performance Director of a top Australian road cycling team and had athletes win at UCI level races.

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Over 200 episodes of rapid-fire, no-charge online info and stories with Damian Ruse: Learn how to ride better, faster. Listen HERE.

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"A must-subscribe podcast for any cyclist who pins a number on, or who just wants to learn more about what it takes to compete. Great work Damien."