Hi. We're SEMIPRO!
(and I'm Damian Ruse)

Imagine having someone on your side that really cares about you and your cycling goals. Cares about your development, health, and state of mind.

Imagine having someone who always sees your goals as equally important, believes in you, and will never tell you that you can't accomplish something.

Someone that gives a f*ck about you getting the right advice at the right time. To fulfil your potential, whether that's going pro or finishing your first event.

I'll help you achieve your goals with online cycling coaching, scientific analysis and experience using best practise and science.

I have coached cyclists across the globe at every level. From World Tour to 'Tuesday night Worlds'. I have witnessed athletes I coach do amazing things like podium in Grand Tour stages, reach their physical peak late in life and accomplish things they could only dream of. And they all share one thing in common - they need advice and training that meets them where they are.

And because I care, I put in the time and effort to make you better every day.

Coaching for all athletes

All levels of athletes can benefit from coaching, from complete beginners to professionals, with far ranging goals. Whether you are looking to win your next event, improve general fitness, or just lose weight we can help you out.

SEMIPRO Cycling coaching

About me

SEMIPRO was founded by me Damian Ruse.

You’ll find that my approach to cycling coaching and training is built on the scientific literature I review, my exposure to top-level teams and scientific labs, the experiments I undertake and communication mastery- oh and giving a f*ck!

I have developed my approach over the past ten years, and it has helped his athletes build world class fitness and skills.

I use a blend of communication and data driven analysis (WKO5 performance modelling, academic research, and personal case studies) to build this fitness.

I have been riding and racing bikes for over 28 years, and coaching cyclists for over 10 years. He has even been the Performance Director of a top Australian road cycling team and had athletes win at UCI level races.

How do I get started? Start with our podcasts

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