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Achieve your goals with a coach that cares (a lot) about what you get and when you get it. This means giving you advice, monitoring your progress, and prescribing the right stimulus at the right time.

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Coach Damian is an experienced and qualified AusCycling Advanced cycling coach

The key to a successful coaching relationship is confidence in each other, dialogue and honesty. Damian understands this, the demands of your goal and how to adjust his advice for your personality and learning style.

Chat with Coach Damian often

Every day you'll have a chance to talk with Damian about training, nutrition, race strategy, and gear choices so you can show up on event day completely confident in your fitness and plan.

Get frequent session feedback

Coach Damian will analyse your workouts to make sure you are completing your training effectively, and provide feedback on what to improve and how your fitness is progressing.

Custom cycling training
plans designed for you

Coach Damian will design a training program that matches your fitness level, is tailored your cycling goals, and fits around your busy schedule.

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Take your
training ANYWHERE

Don't get locked in or bored with one platform, ride indoors and outdoors. All workouts work with leading indoor training platforms and head units.

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Our training philosophy is simple

Our cycling training programs are science-backed, technology-tracked, pro-inspired training designed to produce results from the inside out.


The body must be continually and increasingly challenged (and then rested) if it is to become stronger, faster, more capable.


Using prescriptions for specific training levels that targets the training for the best adaptions possible in the time you have.


The adaptation of the body is specific to the type of training undertaken. This applies to both the movements and energy systems of cycling.

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What's the difference between plans?

Like most services, we include more features at higher package levels. But the most valuable feature is Damian. Responsiveness to questions and training are the things that change the most between packages.

How much time do I need to train?

While your weekly training time can vary greatly depending on your particular goal, we specialize in working with athletes that want to maximise their training time.

Whether you currently have no time to train or 20 hours, coaching is about developing a program that you’re able to adhere to and fits your life. This is what sets us apart from just a training plan and many other coaching companies. We don’t just give you a template plan based on your “available training time,” you receive a well thought out and personalized program that’s unique to your situation and that continually evolves week to week.

Think you don’t have enough time? Test us out and let our coaches show you what’s possible. If you decide in the first month that coaching is not for you, there’s no obligation to continue.

I don't race and I'm just looking to improve my overall fitness. Do you coach athletes like me?

Yes! Damian works with all levels of athletes, from complete beginners to pro level athletes, with far ranging goals. Whether you are looking to win your next event, improve general fitness, or just lose weight we can help you out.

Do I need a powermeter/ heartrate monitor?

The short answer is no. Damian very capable of building effective training programs for you without these tools, however, if you want the most out of your training effort, these tools are are recommended. The more data, so we can help you make gains, analyse your workouts, and provide the most specific training to help you meet your goals. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of these training tools.

How does online cycling coaching work?

After you have signed up for a Coaching Plan, Damian will contact you to begin the initial testing and setup of your annual training plan. Then Damian will provide your workouts in Training Peaks. You will be typically receive your schedule at least one week in advance. After you perform those workouts, you will upload your data into Training Peaks. Damian will analyze that data each week or daily, depending on your Coaching Package level. This analysis will be communicated in Training Peaks or via chat. All Coaching Packages include unlimited chat. During chats, you will discuss, your current training, future training, goals, events, race strategy, equipment, and nutrition.

What happens if I need time off because of an injury?

Unfortunately these things happen and with your notification to Damian, we can offer up to (2) months of a Medical Hold. During this time, you will not receive coaching and you will not be billed until your return. Anything longer than (2) months will be discussed with Damian in order to come up with an amicable solution. This is for Medical reasons only.

What if I need time off for “Non-Medical Reasons?”

Damian has a program to utilize during times like this. It is a reduced rate that will keep you in touch with your coach and/or provides workouts for the time you are away from formal training, in order to maintain your fitness. Contact Damian for details.

What if I already have a Training Peaks account?

SEMIPRO provides all athletes with a Training Peaks account at the start of your coaching, we will give you a link to sign into your current Training Peaks account that will attach you directly to your our coaching account. When the time comes that you are no longer coached by SEMIPRO, this account will continue as a Basic account. You will NOT lose any data and you may upgrade to Premium by contacting Training Peaks.

What happens after I sign up online?

When you sign up online, you will be contacted by Damian within 24 hours on the following business day via email. The purpose of that email is to determine what you are training for. With that information, Damian will send introduction emails and a payment link (prices are in USD). These emails will also include usernames and passwords for your Training Peaks account.

Whatever you need, we’ve got the right plan for you.

All SEMIPRO coaching plans include unlimited training plan adjustments — all backed by our extended 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


per 4 weeks
+ $39 start-up fee

Weekly Training Schedules
Training Peaks Basic
Basic Power Data Analysis w/ WKO5
Monthly Workout Data Review + Feedback

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per 4 weeks
+ $39 start-up fee

Unlimited Chat - M-F 9-5
Weekly Training Schedules
Training Peaks Basic
Basic Power Data Analysis w/ WKO5
Weekly Workout Data Review + Feedback
Basic Strength & Conditioning Plans

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per 4 weeks
+ $39 start-up fee

Unlimited Chat
Weekly Training Schedules
Training Peaks Premium
Advanced Power Data Analysis w/ WKO5
Weekly Workout Data Review + Feedback
Advanced Strength & Conditioning

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Unlimited Chat + Phone
Daily Training Schedules
Training Peaks Premium
Advanced Power Data Analysis w/ WKO5
Daily Workout Data Review + Feedback
Advanced Strength & Conditioning

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