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10+ Years of Guiding and Inspiring Both Busy Working Professionals and World-Class Athletes to Better Performance.

Positive, Empowering, and Individualised Coaching

We believe in a coaching style that is positive, empowering, and individualized. Whether you're looking to win a race or simply improve your performance, we'll support you every step of the way.

Cycling Coach Damian Ruse
Cycling Science

Cycling Science At Its Best

Our coaches are dedicated to using the latest scientific literature, expert professionals, and their own experience to guide you towards improved cycling performance.

Real results from real athletes

Since I've been working with Damian. Basically, I've seen improvements everywhere.

"I look back at my early cycling career, I didn't know very much, Damian didn't just help me out with training he also helped me out with all the things that go into making a good performance. And I didn't know any of that.

So it wasn't just a off the shelf planning that you pay 100 bucks for and get very limited support with there was like a whole sort of learning experience, which was pretty important."

Jay Vine

Professional Cyclist
I got my best 20 minute power ever!

"I have been extremely impressed with Damian’s scientific approach to coaching as well as the thoroughness and thoughtfulness that he demonstrates in all aspects of my training including planning, progression and analysis

Damian considers all aspects of performance with an unwavering commitment to ensuring that I can achieve my full potential.

When you, as an athlete, are putting in your ‘all’ to being your best, it is pretty important and affirming to have a coach in your corner that also gives their all." 

Justine Barrow

Winner Spirit of Tasmania Cycle Tour - GC
My FTP w/kg went from 5.7 w/kg to 6.2 w/kg

"Damian Ruse from Semi-Pro Cycling worked wonders on my form. I managed to get to a very competitive level before he was in the picture, but he helped me to break through the next ceiling.

My FTP w/kg went from 5.7 w/kg at the start of the year to 6.2 w/kg when I peaked. This is a massive difference, and it made all the difference in helping me to make the jump to where I needed to be to be selected for the finals."

Sam Hill

Zwift Academy Finalist 2021