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A cycling coach that gives a f*ck

Achieve your goals with a coach that cares (a lot) about what you get and when you get it. This means giving you advice, monitoring your progress, and prescribing the right stimulus at the right time.

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Online Cycling Coaching from $25 / week

Work with a coach that cares about you and your goals

Coaching built around being positive, empowering and individual. Supporting you to ‘win’ whether it's a race or something specific to your development.

Cycling Coach Damian Ruse
Cycling Science

Work with a coach that cares about their information sources

Using scientific literature, experts in the field, and professionals to guide you towards improved cycling performance.

Jay Vine Professional Cyclist
Since I've been working with Damian. Basically, I've seen improvements everywhere.

"I look back at my early cycling career, I didn't know very much, Damian didn't just help me out with training he also helped me out with all the things that go into making a good performance. And I didn't know any of that.

So it wasn't just a off the shelf planning that you pay 100 bucks for and get very limited support with there was like a whole sort of learning experience, which was pretty important."

Jay Vine

Professional Cyclist

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Coaching that delivers results

Sam Hill Cycling

"Damian Ruse from Semi-Pro Cycling worked wonders on my form. I managed to get to a very competitive level before he was in the picture, but he helped me to break through the next ceiling.

My FTP w/kg went from 5.7 w/kg at the start of the year to 6.2 w/kg when I peaked. This is a massive difference, and it made all the difference in helping me to make the jump to where I needed to be to be selected for the finals."