What is Coaching?

Cycling coaching covers all aspects of cycling, from skills to training plans, tactics, psychology and helping manage lifestyle issues.

SEMIPRO coaching follows 4 steps for every athlete

Step 1: Prepare

We start with understanding you and your goals before teaching you how we train at SEMIPRO.

Step 2: Test

Damian will walk you through our initial testing protocols so we can better understand your unique physiological needs.

Step 3: Design

Using your test results, training history, and cyclin goals, Damian will build a custom training program focused on achieving your goals.

Step 4: Execute

During your training and racing, Damian will analyse your training sessions, adjust your plan, and communicate everything with you.

Conclusion: Coaching

This is a detailed process that took Damian years to perfect.

There is SO MUCH that goes into a coaching and training relationship. It’s actually pretty overwhelming.

Damian sees what you don't see and points you in the direction of growth. Damian 'rides' with you on the same 'road' - sometimes leading and sometimes following.

Join SEMIPRO to get the best out of yourself.

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