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A 360-degree assessment of who you are as a cyclist.

What's your rider type?

  • Road Warrior
  • Punchy Powerhouse
  • Rapid Rocket
  • Summit Seeker

What’s included?

30 min call

Get a step-by-step guide provid clear, concise

Training advice

Customised to your event focus, training history, needs, and schedule

Success roadmap

We provide a guide to our process to maximise your rider type

Why rider type is important

While power and strength are important, they are not all created equal. There are different techniques for delivering power, different styles and combinations for executing that power, and different durations that are used for the power.

From my 10+ years of experience as a professional coach and 30+ years as a cyclist, I’ve concluded (along with any other cycling professional) that understanding your rider type is the key to cycling performance success.

Some rider types present an obvious contrast. Some may have similar qualities, but there may be small differences that completely change how they train and how they win races. The rider types are applicable to all disciplines of cycling (road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, track, and BMX) and will help you become the best version of yourself as a cyclist.

You might have already figured out your rider type, but are you using it to inform your training, performance, and events? Or maybe you have no idea what’s buried underneath there. Bringing your rider type to your training will make it easier to make gains in cycling.

What do you need?

A Bike

Yes this is obvious but a working bike is the needed for the program but it doesn't matter what type of bike it is.

Power Meter

Power is an important metric to measure progress. This can be on the bike or integrated into a smart trainer.

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate is often forgotten these days but plays an important part in measuring your intensity.

Know your EXACT next steps

Your coach will make a formal recommendation – that will made on a call after the final test – it will include a breakdown of who you are as a cyclist and what type of training best suits your specific rider type including what training to focus on over the next 12 weeks.

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How it works

Sign up to TrainingPeaks or use an existing account to connect with Damian's TrainingPeaks coach account to seamlessly get your personalised test sessions and leave feedback.

Complete our training assessment and analysis survey, supplying us with information on your training goals and availability along with your training history. We use the information provided to make recommendations.

These numbers are there to help us identify your performance limiter, direct your training and ultimately measure your progress.

Identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and assess your performance limiter (the main thing that’s been holding you back).

Set a training focus using your performance limiter to direct your training and ultimately measure your progress.

We get on a call to explain the information in a way that helps you discover the best version of yourself as a cyclist.


What is included in the program?

The Rider Type Assessment includes a 30 min consultation with a coach, a personalised and science backed best practice testing protocol and training zones. A complete rider profile including your strengths and weaknesses. And the exact next steps you should train over the next 12 weeks based all of that.

Why is rider type important?

To maximise your potential all decisions must come from knowing who you are as a rider because your make up is unique, training, racing, event planning, nutrition are all optimised based on this information.

Will I get specific workouts?

In short, no. We will guide you with the best types of training to get the results you want, but this information is designed to help you understand exactly where to start. We can help you with the next steps but there are no training prescriptions in the assessment.

Can you help with training plans?

Yes! This assessment is how we start with all of the athletes we help. It is the basis from which all decisions are made and THE difference between off-the-shelf plans and training designed for YOU!

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